Taupe Coat

*Coming Soon* Help Us Choose the Name


We'll be dropping this lovely peach shade next month! Want to pick the name?

Taupe Coat is having a contest to let YOU name this peach polish. Link is in the bio. Submit a name and later this month, the Taupe Coat Team will choose the one we like best.


The winner gets not only a free bottle of this new peach BUT, they will also receive ONE FREE BOTTLE OF POLISH for every new Taupe Coat nail polish release for the rest of the YEAR!! We're planning to drop at least 6 more new shades this year. They could all be yours for FREE99.

We'll also be randomly selecting 2 winners to receive one free bottle of this peach. So you still have a chance to win, even if you're name is not chosen. Don't miss out.

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