Taupe Coat is committed to helping our customers create a healthier beauty routine by sourcing and selling only non-toxic, environmentally friendly products. Taupe Coat commits to providing the most up to date information on clean beauty and to supporting local organizations doing the work that aligns with the Taupe Coat Brand pillars. 

Environmental Sustainability 

Taupe Coat seeks to create as little harm to the environment through our operations. We source ingredients produced by responsible suppliers. Taupe Coat seeks to reduce our carbon footprint through using sustainable packaging. Our Sustainability goals include:

1) Transitioning all plastic packaging to PET by June 2023; and

2) Initiating a refill program for Succulent by December 2023. 

Social Sustainability 

It is important to the Taupe Coat Team, that Taupe Coat make a positive impact in its local community and in the community of its' customers. Through our quarterly charitable giving program Taupe Coat provides monetary support to non-profits around the nation, who are performing work that aligns with our Brand Pillars.