This quarter in light of the COVID-19 pandemic and so many families being affected by unemployment, we are making Food Banks across the county our Taupe Charity. A portion of every Taupe Coat order between April and June will go towards a cash donation to be made to various food banks.

Each month we will pick a different Food Bank to make a cash donation to. Our hope is that we can expand our impact and support as many communities as possible.

While donating food is great, its more useful to donate cash to food banks because most receive discounts from food producers and have wholesale chains of supply set up so that their money goes further than ours may. For Example, with $25, the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank can purchase 100 MEALS.

Because we are based in Los Angeles, our first food bank we will be donating to the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank.

In May we will donate to the Food Bank of Northwest Indiana. June's donation will go to the Baltimore Hunger Project, which is a previous Taupe Charity.  

Past Taupe Charities: Write Girl LA, Women Transforming the Valley, Street Code, Women Transforming the Valley