Black Live Matter.

I've spent the last several days like many other Black Americans feeling exhausted, sad, and angry. This time, it's George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and David McAtee. Unfortunately, there will be others. Because until the U.S. ends institutionalized racism and white supremacy, nothing will change. What we are seeing  through these protests is the result of lifetimes of pent up frustration at the status quo. We are witnessing grief over the repeated cycle of police killings followed by no accountability and no meaningful change. That should enrage us all! 

For those of you who have been watching the news and find yourself upset with reports of looting and vandalism...if you are more angry about property destruction than you are about the state sanctioned killing of your fellow citizens, I encourage you to stop and think about why. Property can be replaced. Lives cannot.  

Taupe Coat stands with the protesters around the World who are speaking out against racism and I know that many of you do as well. 

Want to support the protesters? Click here to see Crooked Media's list of bail funds across the country. Can't protest but want to show solidarity? Click here.  Want to learn more about the Black Lives Matter movement? Click here

Lastly, along with our Taupe Charity for this month, the Baltimore Hunger Project, we'll be donating to bail funds around the country as well.

- Bethany, founder