woman writing to do list with pink bottle of nail polish, cell phone and coffee mug


Taupe Coat creates clean, non-toxic beauty products for bold women who are living their best life. Like us, our customers strive to be the best version of themselves they can be and incorporating clean non-toxic beauty products into their routine is just one small part of that lifestyle. Our nail polish is vegan and 10-free, meaning it does not contain the most common carcinogens traditionally found in nail polish, including camphor, toluene, formaldehyde, and parabens.

Taupe Coat was founded by Bethany J., an attorney turned beauty entrepreneur. The company was born out of her desire to eliminate as many toxic things from her life following her battle with Crohn’s Disease. Bethany began making her own low toxin nail polish at home as a hobby after work. Years later, she started making polish for family and friends until finally, she made the choice to turn her hobby into a business - and Taupe Coat was born!


Taupe Coat's mission is to make clean beauty accessible to everyone. We also use nail polish to make a positive impact in our community and in the communities of our customers. We operate a quarterly giving program, our Taupe Charity program, and donate funds, product, or volunteer hours to organizations that serve some of the most underrepresented members of society. We are Polish with a Purpose. Welcome to Taupe Coat!

We are proud to be a 100% woman owned and Black owned business.