Education Series Vol. 4: How can nail polish be vegan?

Vegan nail polish is far from a trend, as an increasing number of consumers are opting in to cruelty-free, vegan beauty products. Consumers are raising the bar for the beauty industry, but some are still wondering how nail polish can be vegan.

To be vegan, nail polish cannot contain any ingredients derived from animal products and does not allow its products to be tested on animals. Non-vegan polish often includes widely-used ingredients such as carmine or guanine. Carmine is derived from the bodies of crushed insects which are used for its red hue, and guanine is derived from fish scales which can be found in sparkly lacquers. Although these traditional ingredients provide vivid shades and shimmer, ingredients like these are entirely left out of cruelty-free nail polish.


In the United States, the Food and Drug and Cosmetic Act (APA) which requires quality standards  for cosmetics, food, etc. does not require animal testing in order to prove that its products are safe. However, many cosmetics that are sold in the United States are manufactured internationally, where animal testing regulations vary. 



Fortunately, vegan nail polish brands are becoming more and more prevalent and do not require consumers to sacrifice quality or convenience.  Along with Taupe Coat, there are many other vegan nail polish brands. All Taupe Coat nail polish is vegan and many of our nail care products are plant based! Taupe Coat's Body Polish is a walnut powder based product and the Total Moisturizer is a hemp hand moisturizer. 

Join the shift to clean beauty!

Clean beauty is beauty that doesn’t harm us. 🖤

Cruelty-free beauty is beauty that doesn’t harm animals. 🖤

Vegan beauty is not derived from animal products or tested on animals. 🖤