Happy Black History Month! A Message From Our Founder.

January has been a very active month for Taupe Coat. We are making good progress on our rebrand. Later today actually, we have our first meeting with our graphic designer to start working on our new logo and color scheme. I’ll share more as that process continues. 

As you probably know, February is Black History Month! This is the month that the U.S. has designated to highlight the contributions of Black Americans to the country we call home. 


One of the most popular criticisms to Black History Month is that Black people don’t deserve “special treatment” by designating an entire month to celebrate “our” History. What if someone said to you: “I can’t believe we’re giving these Americans special treatment, by letting them highlight how they contributed to America.” That sounds crazy right? 


That’s because NEWSFLASH, Black History is just good old fashioned, American history. Some of us know more about it than others. But regardless of how much you know, Black History Month is always a great opportunity to learn more. 


Did you know that a Black woman invented Caller ID?  What about home security systems? You know you love your Ring. 😄

This month, Taupe Coat will be sharing Black History facts on our social media accounts and our Blog so look out for more! 

Happy Black History Month!