Education Series Vol. 2: Exfoliants

Body scrubs and polishes are types of exfoliants. Exfoliants polish away dead skin and leave your skin soft and supple. There are two types of exfoliants: physical and chemical. Physical exfoliants are what many of us use and can be made from lots of products like sand (don't recommend) or sugar (highly recommend).  Chemical exfoliants are used for toners and peels and include glycolic and lactic acids.

Our Rejuvenating Body Polish includes both physical and chemical exfoliants.

We prefer to use plant-based ingredients which is why we opted for walnut shell power for the physical exfoliant.  Walnut shell powder based scrubs are the subject of some controversy in the beauty industry. It’s true that walnut shell powder, like sugar and coffee, are too abrasive for the face or other delicate skin areas. However, they can be used on other parts of the body. Our walnut shell powder is very finely grained so not to irritate the skin.

We also use a combination of Alpha Hydroxy Acids, including tartaric and citric acids to provide additional chemical exfoliation. Chemical exfoliants work by slowly removing dead skill cells so that your skin is left looking rejuvenated. Both tartaric and citric acid are used for their anti-aging benefits, because they promote skin peeling and regrowth of new skin cells.

Please remember that overusing physical exfoliants can cause dryness and/or skin irritation. So don’t over do it. We recommend using the Rejuvenating Body Polish no more than once a week to keep your hands and feet smooth.