Education Series Vol. 1: Vitamin E in Cosmetics

Vitamin E is an ingredient frequently found in hair and skincare products. However, its most important use is as a vitamin that the human body’s organs need in order to function properly. Most vitamin E is in the form of “gamma-tocopherol” from soybean oil. This is the kind of Vitamin E that Taupe Coat uses in Succulent, our acetone free nail polish remover.

So does that mean using Succulent is a replacement for taking Vitamin E vitamins. NO! Multiple studies have shown that you cannot get vitamins through topical cosmetics. So, keep eating your nuts and green leafy veggies. Please. Then does that mean its useless for Taupe Coat to use Vitamin E in Succulent. Again NO!

Vitamin E has other uses which make it great for cosmetics. For us, we care that Vitamin E is an antioxidant. That means it calms down inflammation and promotes skin repair. THIS is why its in Succulent. To help keep your cuticle and nail beds inflammation free and to assist your skin with healing itself from hangnails and other small injuries to our hands and feet.

If you haven’t tried Succulent yet, give it a try. You will find that it’s a more gentle option to remove nail polish and you’ll feel better knowing that you are healing your skin at the same time.