Are we Doing Enough to be Polish with a Purpose?

I know that many of you have had a lot of time to reflect on your life over the last year. Me too.

I also had some spare time to think a lot about Taupe Coat and where its headed. I realized that this November is our 5 year anniversary. I truly can’t believe it. I am immensely grateful that I get to share my love for nail polish with all of you.

During my reflection time, reminisced on why I started Taupe Coat. I speak a lot about my struggle with Crohn’s Disease and how it helped me discover clean beauty. But that’s not the reason I decided to go into business.

Before I started Taupe Coat, on my Twitter feed and on the local news, I would see causes that I wanted to support – but couldn’t. I just wasn’t making enough money at my day job at the time, to have disposable income. Let alone extra money to give to people in need. I was in need myself! But I still wanted to find ways to support monetarily.

I certainly wasn’t going to get another job, I didn’t even like the one I had. So I figured I’d try out this second stream of income thing everyone was always yapping about.

And that’s it. That’s why I really started Taupe Coat. To create a new stream of funds that I could use to donate to organizations and individuals who were in need.

Through our Taupe Charity Program, we’ve done that over these last 5 years. But we could be doing more.

Every dollar we make is another dollar we could be using for our philanthropic efforts. I want Taupe Coat to truly be a company that is actively working to create a world that we all want to raise our children in. I want my customers to know that when they buy from Taupe Coat, they aren’t spending their money with a business that could care less about them as a person. They are spending their money with business that’s invested in improving all of our lives.

You’ll see more activity in the coming months (and years!) from the Taupe Charity program. Along with monetary donations, we are going to expand our in-person volunteer efforts nationwide as well. I’m also reevaluating our legal status and considering creating a 501c3 to enable you all to receive tax deductions and allow us to solicit large donations for long term projects.

If you have an organization that you would like considered as a Taupe Charity, please email us at

- Bethany