Taupe coat not only has the perfect selection of colors, but the product goes on smooth and is fast drying for the perfect application.

Blogger Amy Vineyard

The first thing I noticed with trying Taupe Coat is it goes on super smooth and dried quickly.


This polish had great coverage.



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  • B. Jennene


    In 2007, Taupe Coat's founder, B. Jennene, was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease after struggling undiagnosed for several years. While she followed her doctors’ recommendations, she knew there were changes she could make in her life to transition from just coping with her illness – to thriving despite it. During law school, B. Jennene had a particularly bad flare up of her Crohn’s that required surgery. While recovering, she evaluated her life and committed to investing in her own happiness and to eliminating as many harmful chemicals from her day to day as she could. Knowing that she had always been very into nail polish, her mom introduced her to the world of low toxin polish. She immediately replaced her entire nail polish collection with 3 free and 5 free polish. Taking her new interest a step further, B. Jennene began experimenting with making her own 5 free polish. This allowed her the creativity to create the shades that she wanted and also gave her something she enjoyed doing after work to help her relax from stressful days practicing law. After a few years of making polish for herself and her family, B. Jennene decided to turn her hobby into a business and Taupe Coat was born! Staying true to its origin, all Taupe Coat polish is cruelty free and vegan. It also does not contain the most common carcinogens traditionally used in polish such as formaldehyde, toluene, camphor or parabens. B. Jennene continues to practice law but without a doubt, Taupe Coat is the most fulfilling thing in her life.


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